RUNWAY RECAP: London Fashion Week SS17

Each season, PHYTO collaborates with renowned hair stylists (Cyndia Harvey, Kei Terada, Naoki komiya  ...) to deliver the next exciting hair trend. This year, PHYTO participated in some exciting shows: Shrimps, Emilio De La Morena, Peter Jensen and Phoebe English.

Get a behind the scenes look backstage, tips and tricks from the experts and the products used to create each look hot off the runway. 

EMILIO DE LA MORENA: Hair by Kei Terada

Prep Hair with Phyto Intense Volume Mousse to provide grip and add texture

Using a tong or straighteners, loosely curl hair into waves

Create a middle parting and spray Phyto Workable Holding Spray lightly on top of head and blow dry to set the hair flat to.
Gather hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck –to tame frizz use Phytolisse Ultra Glossing Finishing Serum to the lengths.

Create a knot by looping the ponytail and twisting it around itself, pinning and tying with elastic to secure and finishing with Phyto Workable Hairspray.

Tease a few hairs out around the face and ears to finish.

SHIRIMPS: Hair by Cyndia Harvey

Using a pintail comb section hair from ear to ear, create a deep side part on your preferred side and clip away for later. 
With remaining section use Phyto Workable Hairspray, distributing evenly, brush hair into mid pony tail and secure.

Unclip the second half of the hair and apply Phyto Sculpting Gel from roots to mid lengths keeping the shape of the parting that was created in step 1. Comb hair down and create a small finger wave through the hairline. 
Secure remaining hair with elastic to connect into the existing ponytail. 
Apply Phyto Sculpting Gel on a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap around the base of the pony to hide the elastic and create a streamline look. 
Add comb marks by running a wide tooth comb through the front sections of the hair. 
Add PHYTO exceptional cream to the ponytail for shine and brush through (use straightener to help). Finish of with Phytolaque Mirror for the ultimate mirror effect.

PETER JENSEN: Hair by Naoki Komiya

Prep hair with Phyto Intense Volume Mousse to provide grip and add texture

Backcomb lightly at the roots, apply PHYTOKERATINE Extreme cream to the lengths and ends and use a tong to create waves and texture.

Create a side parting and sprayed lightly at the roots with Phyto Workable Hairspray to set
Divided hair into two sections from the back, and bring both sides around to the front of the face. Secure with an elastic to one side.

PHEOBE ENGLISH : Hair by Cyndia Harvey

Using a pintail comb create a strong centre part from the hairline to the nape of the neck. 

Spray Phyto Workable Hairspray to create two sleek pony tails sitting at the nape of the head. Secure with an elastic.

  Work Phyto Shine Defining Wax through the ends of the pony then braid into 5 small plaits on each side. 

Use small pins and grips to loop the braids in the shape of a bow on either side. Decorate with flowers.   

TIP: For unruly hair use Phytodéfrisant Botanical Straightening Balm on wet hair before blow-drying to help tame frizz.