Never has a hair thinning treatment gone this far*

Phytologist 15 acts simultaneously on 15 biological targets in hair loss and hair growth including the pre-adipocytes involved in hair growth. 
The complete action of Phytologist 15 works on both: chronic and reactional hair loss slowing down loss and enabling 
the growth of fuller, thicker and more beautiful hair. 

Phytosolba laboratoires*

Get back to fuller hair

By working on biological targets directly involved in hair loss, Phytologist 15 helps to regrow new hair. 
Acting on the growth phase, it increase the number of new hair and decreases shedding in the regressing phase. Thus, hair thinning is stopped. 
A significant increase in the volume of the hair bulb ensures stronger, thicker and more beautiful hair growth.

Men hair loss

Phytolium 4

Phytolium 4

PHYTOLIUM 4 is dedicated for chronic and severe thinning hair. This is characterized by a reduced diameter of the hair and an increased percentage of very fine hair, which can reach the point of becoming "downy". Little by little baldness occurs. 

Women hair loss



PHYTOCYANE is dedicated for reactional hair loss. It is usually temporary and it is characterized by its diffuse effect as well as a loss of hair volume. It can be due to internal and external factors: lifestyle disturbances, hormonal changes etc.